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Shaker kitchen style

A style that suits both the country home and modern apartment, the Shaker look is a popular choice for it’s classic timelessness and versatility. With classic proportions and inset panels the style suits a host of materials and finishes, from rich woods to matt paints, so you can create the perfect classic kitchen for your home.



History of Shaker style

Originating from the New England religious sect sharing the same now from the 1700’s, the Shaker style is based on classic proportions and minimalism. The Shakers believed in function over unnecessary decoration. It’s that principle that is central to the Shaker design’s simplicity and why it’s so popular today.

Furniture and cabinets

A Shaker kitchen is usually built around doors with classic proportions, square frames and inset panels. Traditionally, simple tables and bare seats were the order of the day when it comes to dining, but you may wish to add simple, cushions for comfort. Just because the Shakers threw out unnecessary comforts, doesn’t mean you have to!

Shaker Colours

Go for a neutral, light palette for walls, bare plaster is ideal over wallpaper. For cabinetry and furniture, you can incorporate heritage colours of light and dark blues and neutral greys.


Ideally, flooring should be bare wooden boards, but for durability you may want to consider varnishing the wood or painting in pale neutral color.

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