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5 tips for the perfect country kitchen

A cosy rustic kitchen creates the centre piece to any traditional rural home. Aged finishes and autumnal wood colouring can be complimented with a host of easy country kitchen ideas to complete the look.

1. Colours of the forest

It’s a good idea to try to align your colour with your natural surroundings so your kitchen compliments the environment. Add rustic flair by installing kitchen cabinets with wood colours that compliment your surrounding area. This is also true for and hard wood flooring, so it’s worth investing time to find your perfect match.

2. Wood choices

Pine really brings out the country kitchen charm, but cherry, alder and hickory will work well too. Pine is a great choice for block counter tops and kitchen islands as the natural knots in the wood add to the rustic charm and really bring nature’s artwork into the heart of your home.

3. Charming country sinks and faucets

Every country kitchen should be complimented with a traditional sink and matching faucets. Choose from sink materials such as soapstone, iron and even copper for that warm rustic look. A sink that with an exposed front panel, rather than being sunk into the counter adds traditional charm. Compliment with antique style, ornate faucets in black metal or copper to complete the look.

4. Furniture

Wood is at the heart of any country kitchen design. Your dining table or island will be the centre piece of your country kitchen, add a rustic feel with knotty sturdy square legs and solid tops with knotty features. Mixing up chair styles can add to rural charm, so put those old chairs to good use.

5. Accessories

Soften up your country kitchen with traditional accessories you can find at sales and reclaim centers. Consider hanging old copper pots and pans and dried hops from the walls and ceilings, or clean up those old rusty garden tools from the yard to accessorise your country kitchen.

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